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Benefit for our members and their employees

Dear Chamber and Business Association Partners,


While metro Denver is not affected as greatly as much of the country, we have seen high rates of unemployment and the loss of health insurance that can result. At HCA Healthcare and HealthONE, we want to remove barriers to care so that our community members feel comfortable seeking routine, preventive, urgent and emergent care. Being insured either through COBRA,  Connect for Health Colorado, or Medicaid can support those who need care, and we want to help the uninsured get to the resources they need. The hotline described below is available for anyone in the community needing personalized guidance for health coverage options.

Thank you for considering sharing the attached  (Spanish and English versions) and below with your stakeholders and members, for their use with their employees and families.







Uninsured Patient
Advisor Hotline

Helping individuals get
connected to health coverage



Quick facts:

  1. Patient benefit advisors provide guidance on health coverage options for individuals that may have recently lost their jobs.
  2. Individuals are evaluated based on eligibility for COBRA, Healthcare Marketplace/Exchange Plans and Medicaid.
  3. This service is free.

What is this?
We know that unemployment is rising part due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts. This is why HCA Healthcare has created a dedicated hotline for individuals that may have recently lost their jobs (laid off or furloughed). The hotline provides personalized guidance to health coverage options, and can do the following:

  • Evaluate eligibility for COBRA, Healthcare Marketplace/Exchange Plans, and/or Medicaid and potential resources that may offset the cost of insurance premiums
  • Understand, complete and submit eligibility applications on the individual’s behalf (if desired)
  • Follow up with count or state to complete eligibility process (if needed)

Who is this for?
This is a free service and is intended to help connect individuals that may be faced with health insurance coverage challenges due to unemployment.

How can they help?
This hotline is staffed by patient benefit advisors that can help individuals with their specific situations to find their best coverage options.

What do I need?
If individuals express concern over their ability to pay for healthcare services based on their job status and health coverage, please encourage them to call.

When can I call?
This service is offered Monday – Friday from 8AM to 6PM EST and is open now.

To learn more about the services our advisors provide, visit www.hcahealthcare.com/hotline

*There is no cost to patients for this service. We are not representing any other company or selling insurance plans.


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